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Journal Club - 29 dicembre 2006
Parkinson e parkinsonismi
Luca Rozzini
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

Journal Club - 22 dicembre 2006
Il Tumore del pancreas
Alessandro Morandi
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Computed tomography, endoscopic, laparoscopic,
and intra-operative sonography for assessing resectability
of pancreatic cancer

Journal Club - 24 novembre 2006
Education and the Gerontological Imagination
Renzo Rozzini
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

Journal Club - 17 novembre 2006
Sindromi disesecutive
Elena Lucchi
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-On the involvement of prefrontal networks in cognitive ageing

Journal Club - 10 novembre 2006
Salvatore Speciale
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

Journal Club - 3 novembre 2006
La demenza vascolare
Alessandro Margiotta
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-Subcortical ischaemic vascular dementia

Journal Club - 27 ottobre 2006
Casi Clinici in Casa di Riposo
Diego Ghianda
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Nursing Home Staffing Standards: Their Relationship to Nurse Staffing Levels

-Rural–Urban Differences in Medical Care for Nursing Home Residents with Severe Dementia at the End of Life

-Who Recommends Long-Term Care Matters

-Flexibility as a Management Principle in Dementia Care: The Adards Example

-Alzheimer’s Disease — Clinical Trials
and the Logic of Clinical Purpose

-Effectiveness of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs
in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

Journal Club - 20 ottobre 2006
Frattura di femore
Ignazio Di Fazio
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
Mortality associated with delay in operation after hip fracture: observational study

Journal Club - 13 ottobre 2006
Caso clinico: BPCO(ovvero la BPCO che……)
Piera Ranieri
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
Inhaled Corticosteroids and Mortality in COPD

Journal Club - 6 ottobre 2006
Linee guida e mondo reale: alcuni esempi
Cristina Cornali
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
Clinical Practice Guidelines and
Quality of Care for Older Patients
With Multiple Comorbid Diseases

Journal Club - 22 settembre 2006
La prognosi come indicatore per le scelte terapeutiche nel singolo caso
Angelo Bianchetti
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

Journal Club - 15 settembre 2006
Francesca Magnifico

(Diapositive in formato pdf)
EFNS guidelines on cognitive rehabilitation: report of an EFNS task force

Journal Club - 8 settembre 2006
Tumore del polmone
Marco Ferri

(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-Geriatric oncology

-Recovery From Disability Among
Community-Dwelling Older Persons

Journal Club - 1 settembre 2006
Una revisione metodologica per l’interpretazione dei casi
Marco Trabucchi

(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-Meta-analysis of frusemide to prevent or treat acute renal failure



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