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Journal Club - 31 Agosto 2007
La demenza a Corpi di Lewy: inquadramento clinico
Renato Turco
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-DLB and PDD boundary issues: Diagnosis, treatment, molecular pathology, and biomarkers

Journal Club - 24 Agosto 2007
La demenza vascolare: inquadramento clinico
Luca Rozzini
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

Journal Club - 17 Agosto 2007
La Malattia di Alzheimer: inquadramento clinico
Stefano Boffelli
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Research criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease: revising the NINCDS–ADRDA criteria

Journal Club - 10 Agosto 2007
Le demenze: quadri patogenetici
Alessandro Margiotta
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Non-Alzheimer’s Disease Dementias: Anatomic, Clinical, and Molecular Correlates

-A life-course approach to the aetiology of late-onset dementias

Journal Club - 3 agosto 2007
Le demenze: epidemiologia
Alessandro Giordano
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-Rates and risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: Results from EURODEM pooled analyses

Journal Club - 27 luglio 2007
Le Demenze: inquadramento nosografico
Alessandra Marrè
(Diapositive in formato pdf)
-Dementia diagnoses from clinical and neuropsychological data compared: The Cache County study

Journal Club - 20 luglio 2007
Morbo di Parkinson: novità terapeu
Giuseppe Bellelli
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Practice Parameter: Treatment of Parkinson disease with motor fluctuations and dyskinesia (an evidence-based review): Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology

-Parkinson disease

Journal Club - 13 luglio 2007
Morbo di Parkinson: evoluzione clinica
Salvatore Speciale
(Diapositive in formato pdf)


Journal Club - 6 luglio 2007
Morbo di Parkinson: meccanismi patogenetici
Marco Ferri
(Diapositive in formato pdf)

-Parkinson’s disease



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